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Anytime I am not sleeping
After my kids tire from wakeboarding
Loving weekdays
Crave weekend water
August glass.. no wind
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Lake Norman Ski Club


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Click here for Learn2Ski photos

Watersports Junkies that want to learn new tricks..
or Newbies that just want to learn
Beginners or Advanced.. Kids to Old-timers.. Wood Skis or Carbon Graphite.. 
You have found what you're looking for!
We are always scheduling new clinics and events.

These pictures are from our Learn to Ski
and our Learn to Wakeboard classes
Click on the images to see more photos from our Learn2Ski and Learn2Wakeboard clinics.

Don't delay, learn to ski today!
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 Lake Norman Ski Club now!






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Next Learn2Ski is Aug 1st

August Session is now full

Twenty-five Bucks & a Towel...
it's all you need to Learn to Ski or Wakeboard!

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Slalom Nights on Thursdays
See you at Eddies!!




Get that mouse off of ME, that tickles!!!!

The Lake Norman Ski Club
has memberships available!

Want to ski the slalom course?
Assist with Learn2Ski events?
Ski in regional tournaments?
A Ski Club Membership might be for you!

Call Roger at @ 704-500-1333 with Ski Club questions
email remyers@roadrunner.com



Lake Norman Ski Club
2015 Learn 2 Ski

 & Wakeboard Clinics

Get that mouse off of ME, that tickles!!!!

Designed for Students 16 and under

This event is designed to be like a Water Ski School for kids and one of the methods we use to promote safety while we grow our sport and support our Community. USA Water Ski Certified Instructors, Drivers and Safety Coordinators will teach all students water ski safety, including skier and driver hand signals prior to their in-water instruction. Students will be given the opportunity to learn in a stress free FUN environment.

The goal of each Instructor is to:
- Ensure Students know the Skier Safety Codes,
- Understands water and equipment safety,
- Recognizes and can use all of the Skier & Driver hand signals,
- That Student is ALWAYS having FUN during their learning experience,
- That each Student is skiing by the end of the session!

Twenty-five Bucks & a Towel...
it's all you need to Learn to Ski or Wakeboard!

June 20th & August 1st
Click here to sign up



Today is Tomorrow!
Now is the time to get involved and
sign up for the 2015 Lake Norman Ski Club
or risk missing out on some great skiing!


Sign-up now for:
Slalom Clinics
Wakeboard Clinics
Learn to Ski Clinics
Skiers Corner
Learn the Slalom Course
Coaching positions
Safety Clinics
Driver Clinics
CPR Training
Lake clean up dates
.. & many more activities!

Download the Membership application
and the ski club release form
then mail them
with your membership fees to the club address.

If you want to join or volunteer send us an e-mail with your questions.
Detail the area of the club you're interested in helping out in
or just note that you're willing to help the club in your free time! 
We can use help in all areas and will provide any training required:
  Coaching, Driving, Equipment Maintenance and Installation, Event Planning & Assistance, Sponsorships, Community Service, Membership Drive etc.
Single ($75) and Family ($100) Memberships are available

Call Roger at @ 704-500-1333 with Ski Club questions
email remyers@roadrunner.com







Don't just surf our Club Web Site, if you're into being pulled behind the boat, want to be pulled by other wakeboarders, barefooters, kneeboarders or skiers.. and maybe pick up some new tricks.. or if you just need a practice partner, give us a call.  Today is tomorrow, don't delay, you could be on the water today!


WARNING: Water skiing is addictive and has proven to lead to family activities on the water.  The Lake Norman Ski Club and their sponsors are not responsible for any side effects caused by exposure to water.  Have FUN at your own risk!

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Get a Grip, Join the Lake Norman Ski Club
and USA Water Ski in 2015!

Last updated on: 7/31/15

Contact us at remyers@roadrunner.com with questions or comments.

Copyright 2015 Lake Norman Ski Club, All rights reserved.

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